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Juan D'Arienzo

Ángel D'Agostino    with the tango Shusheta / El aristócrata

Lucio Demare    with the tango Negra María

Enrque Rodriguez (engl.)  
      with the Tango Suerte Loca

Pedro Laurenz

Francisco Canaro

Osvaldo Pugliese      with the tango Corrientes y Esmeralda

Aníbal Troilo             with the tango Gricel

Julio de Caro

Rodolfo Biagi

Miguel Caló               with the tango _E_Al Compás del Corazón

Alfredo de Angelis        with the tango Soñar y nada más

Osvaldo Fresedo         with the tango_E_El once

José García

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Please contact me for any mistakes or suggestions for improvement. (olli@eyding.de) Most of the texts were originally written for TangoDanza. I would like to thank Andrea Konschake and Theresa Fauß for the great cooperation and the great support in this project.


Tango Argentino

Der Sänger im Tango Argentino

Das Cabaret Chantecler und andere legendäre Tanzorte

Sonstige Texte

Tango By Year von Michael Lavocah und Dag Stanvoll

Tangotunes - Die Retter des Tango argentino

Das Lachdach Pling - ein kybernetischer Tanzraum?

Die Leben der anderen - Eine Tango-Kurzgeschichte

La Lucara 2019 - Das Live-Tango-Festival mit 10 Bands in Innsbruck

Book critics

Michael Lavocah:

- Di Sarli

- D'Arienzo

Tracing Tangueros – Argentine Tango Instrumental Music;  K. Link, K. Wendland   De Caro, Pugliese, Troilo, Laurenz und D'Arienzo

Getting to know: Twenty Tango Orchestras; David Thomas

Ein Vortrag über Tango als Tanzmusik der Orquesta Típica von mir als .pdf

Links for Tango-DJs

Find your music

Discover and look up

How to djay Tango music

Today's Orquesta Típica - An introduction (2018)


Tango in Munich

Münchner Tango auf Facebook:

Tango München

Asi se baila el Tango en Munich

Links for Tango-DJs



www. tangotunes.com

Tangotunes almost always has the best transfers that can individually be purchased and downloaded.

The Golden Ear Editions contain all the recordings that are important for dancers and largely done without post-processing such as filters or reverb. They are available among others for

  • Rodolfo Biagi

  • Miguel Caló

  • Juan D'Arienzo

  • Osvaldo Pugliese

  • Ricardo Tanturi

  • Domingo Federico

  • Alfredo Gobbi

  • Enrique Rodriguez

  • Carlos di Sarli

  • Aníbal Troilo

  • some Lomuto, Canaro, Donato, Fresedo ,,,

But also the transfers of Ángel D'Agostino and many others set standards. (2022)

Philosophy and working method of Tangotunes I have described in an article for Tangodanza:

Tangotunes - Die Retter des Tango argentino (2017)



Since 2020, collector, expert, historian and DJ Jens-Ingo Brodesser has been offering sonically impressive transfers that perfectly complement Tangotunes' selection. So fare they published:

  • LucioDemare

  • Pedro Laurenz

  • Juan D'Arienzo (1940-1949)

  • Osvaldo Fresedo

  • and more.



An online portal that also provides many discontinued tango CDs in uncompressed quality for download.(2022)


Bernhard Gehberger offers in his store many otherwise not available CDs of Japanese collectors and restorers.

Members also get access to other transfers from Bernhard himself and other tango enthusiasts. (2022)


Tango-Radio-Programm from Budpest - Tango 24/7


La 2x4


Tango radio program of the city of Buenos Aires, known by the Musicalizador Marcel Rojas (2018)

88 Milongas of Buenos Aires in one Video - why not?

Discover and look up




Here you can find a lot of interesting links, which are however not quite fresh anymore. (2018)


Bernhard Gehberger provides in his database with differentiated search mask information on almost all tangos:

  • Titel and recording date

  • Orchestra and singer

  • composer and author

  • CD on which the title is included

  • as well as information on the transfer quality of all 68.000 !!! audio samples

  • including the catalogs of Tangotunes and TangoTimeTravel


El Recodo - Tango

This site from Bordeaux, which is constantly getting better and better, also offers a gigantic database with audio samples, a quiz and many and many articles about tango in French, English and German language and meanwhile also an ingenious App, which, like Shazam, but linked to the database, recognizes all songs.


The name says it all: For almost everything about orchestra and leaders, musicians, music titles, sheet music and scores, places of scandals, you will find lists and anecdotes, presentations and interviews in Spanish, English, Portuguese, French and German.

Todotango is an inexhaustible treasure trove. Most of what you find on the net is copied here.

Today's Tango is ...

Today's Tango is ...

Paul Bottomer (died 2018), tango expert from London, moderated intelligently, stylishly and with British humor this Facebook group. Members continue to post daily via Youtube provided tangos that are linked witz the current date by their recording date, birthdays of composers or orchestra leaders, etc.

In the text part of the well over 3800 videos that Paul Bottomer has made available on Youtube, there is almost always a translation of the lyrics into English, references to other versions of this title as well as word explanations, anecdotes, stories, and background information. The pictures Paul chose for these videos illustrate the title and content of the tangos in a humorous way. (2022)


Tangodanza is one of the last tango newspapers in Europe! Besides dates, event notes, presentations of trends, tango teachers, festivals and much more, there is currently a series written by me about the great orchestras of Tango Argentino. You can order CDs, DVDs and books about tango. (2022)

The fidelity of tango: Pro und Kontra  Equalizing

El Espejero - tango enthusiast and DJ from Toronto - published in 2015 his thoughts about the useful use of equalizers to improve the sound of tango recordings.

This is what drove Christian Tobler, a swiss restoration expert and obsessive sound optimizer, to create several "hundred" pages of a online -Replik against the use of equalizers. Christian writes over and over again cumbersome and redundant, his claims are very very very high, the infinite knowledge and the many links and documents he mentions are impressive. He discribes in detail how the music of the 1930s and 1940s made its way from the instruments to the shellacs. (2022)

Tango by year
von Michael Lavocah und Dag Stanvoll

Michael and Dag developed a fantastic format in times of the Corona lockdown 2020/21: Norwegian DJ Dag Stenvoll compiles a playlist with 25 to 30 tangos of a year. Michael Lavocah, who doesn't know Dag's selection beforehand, comments, tells anecdotes, chats informatively with DJ Dag, and thus shares his shockingly comprehensive knowledge in a relaxed manner with his listeners, who are connected via Zoom. The Tango by Year evenings cover the years 1927 to 1958, supplemented by some extras, and can be listened to on Soundcloud. (2022)

Tango Music Tutorials

von Richard aus Haarlem

There are now over 100 videos of 10 to 15 minutes in length, in which Richard talkes in charmingly chatty English with background information, mainly about Tandas, but also about individual orchestras. I like the fact that the selection of tandas is not limited to the Epoqua de Oro, but also includes quartets or current orchestras. (2022)



Antti Suniala reviews from 2010 - 2017 hundreds of classic Tandas, very inspiring

To be a Tango DJ


Cassiels Tango-Blog

Between 2013 and 2015, this blog has been the site of many exciting - and many superfluous - discussions. (2022)


The Italian DJ Supersabino interviewed between 2013 and 2015 over 80 internationally active DJs. Here you will find besides many tips and views on the design of milongas very different assessments of the orchestras and their music (2022)

Michael Lavocah

In his main book "Tango Stories. What the Music Tells." British DJ and Tango historian Michael Lavocah talks about the development of the genre and the character of the individual orchestras in an intelligent and entertaining way. Lavocah also dedicates monographs to the outstanding orchestras. Published to date are:

  • Anibál Troilo

  • Osvaldo Pugliese

  • Carlos Di Sarli

  • Juan D'Arienzo

  • Francisco Canaro

Michael Lavocah

Michael Lavocah describes very precisely the basics of DJing. What more could you want. (2022)

My Style as a Tango-DJ

Tangos of the early 40s, subtle, rhythmic, elegant, playful, fascinate me with their energy and are the focus of my music selection. First criterion is danceability, on the other hand I love variety: Rhythmical tangos from the 30s or carefully selected music of the fifties and sixties and contemporary orchestras enliven the music. Funny, sweet or complex tuntes are the spice. Dancing must be fun.

I try to vary the mood and complexity of the chosen music from tanda to tanda, without losing sight of the energy and dynamics of the dancers or the ronda. Each tango, milonga or vals is chosen to go straight to the legs and make the dancers smile. The carefully chosen cortinas support the mood of the tandas instead of separating them.

The permanent search for the best restorations as well as a sensitive handling of volume and occasional use of equalizers guarantee a pleasant sound, so that everyone feels comfortable even for hours.

I live and dance in Munich. I discovered tango over 25 years ago, and my passion is still growing. Besides being a TJ, I write a series about the great orchestras of the Epoqua de Oro as an author for Tangodanza magazine